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Global Pelvic Health Alliance Member

Excitement! We just became members of the Global Pelvic Health Alliance via Pelvic Guru!

Being a part of this organization will only help our cause to increase awareness and education regarding sexual and pelvic health and medicine.

I loved this organization because of their specific focus on many of the women's and men's pelvic issues I get asked about from providers and patients.

I also loved that they were inclusive of pharmacists in their Alliance!

Patient and providers alike can benefit from their services and information provided.

The mission of Pelvic Guru is to provide information about pelvic health to a global community in order to improve access to skilled healthcare providers, education, and online resources while normalizing conversations and reducing shame and embarrassment for those who live with their own pelvic health issues.

Pelvic Guru is for:

  • People with pelvic health concerns looking for strategies to solve them.

  • Health professionals looking for reliable pelvic health information that goes beyond the research and shows you how to apply the evidence into practice.

  • People and professionals looking to be a part of an education-centered community

  • People who are looking for hope and solutions.

  • Curious folks. You’ve heard about the latest fads in pelvic health, but they just don’t seem like a good idea. Trust your gut – and your pelvis! We investigate all the fads.

Visit Tara's Directory Profile here:

Visit the Pelvic Guru website here:

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