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PODCAST: Hormonally Speaking with Christine Garvin

Are you able to talk to your doctor about your sexual health concerns?

Are you aware of the myriad of ways you can deal with everything from bacterial vaginosis to vulvodynia to STDs to hormone issues?

I had the pleasure (no, honor) to sit down with Christine Garvin ( on her Podcast - Hormonally Speaking - and discuss all the ways that patients can be supported when it comes to their sexual health, from traditional medications and therapies to over-the-counter options, pelvic floor health, and functional approaches from supplements to herbs.

Christine is a Functional Health Coach who helps women improve their gut and balance their hormones. She is a fantastic patient advocate, and we actually met on - a website for patient advocates.

In the podcast, we talk about educating both patients and doctors on all the options available for women’s and men’s reproductive health, sexual concerns, and life transitions. We chat about working with doctor’s offices to create protocols around supporting transgender healthcare, and specific ways healthcare practitioners can be more inclusive in their practices.

We also talk about “bridging” the two worlds of allopathic and functional medicine, which is a strong suit of pharmacists because they have been trained on herbs just as much as medications.

If you’ve been dealing with something “down there” and haven’t felt safe to turn to your healthcare provider or anyone else about it, this episode will give you hope! There is help. I also offer a list of resources that range from the Sexual Medicine Society of America to the Pelvic Guru at her website

Thank you Christine for having me on!

Read Christine's Story here:

Prefer to listen to interview on podcast? You can do so at iTunes or Spotify, or a variety of other places

Please support Christine and her podcast, Hormonally Speaking, by leaving a review for her! It is the best and biggest way to help her grow and continue to spread patient advocacy around these topics. If you enjoyed this episode or others, an iTunes review goes a long way ❤️

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